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While building up my experience in the field of decorative and applied arts I have often been called upon to experiment and innovate in order to develop techniques or methods to meet the challenging demands of an interesting variety of design briefs. This section will offer an insight into this ongoing creative process.

Trompe L’oeil Panelling

Sometimes a plain room can be enormously improved by cladding the walls or ceilings with painted panelling that with the use of shade and light will provide a three dimensional illusion of the real thing.
A room could be simply painted to resemble wood panelling which appears to have been once painted and over the years slightly flaked away in places to reveal wood beneath or grandly painted to simulate raised and fielded panelling with gilded mouldings.
A ceiling could also be painted to appear as if it is coffered and surrounded by ornate borders. The choices are endless.

Reverse Painted Glass

Reverse painted mirror or Verre Eglomisé is the technique of decorating glass in which a painted, drawn or gilded image is executed on the underside of the glass and backed with usually gold or silver. This method can be used to transform small rooms and create an impression of space. Bathrooms, lift interiors or table tops are just a few of the areas where it will make a dramatic improvement. It can be fitted within panelling on walls or ceilings or even whole rooms can be clad in decorative mirror. Sheet glass is firstly reverse painted after which it can be either silvered or gilded with gold, silver or other precious metals.

Design Visuals

After taking on a commission from an interior designer, architect or private client it is usual for me to provide a watercolour visual of a single wall elevation or ceiling to convey a realistic impression of the final scheme. As a very accurate representation it will enable a client to make any necessary changes before the work commences. Life sized samples of the work can also be produced after the visual has been finally agreed upon.

Wall Coverings

A bespoke wall covering can make all the difference when an exact colour match or choice of design motif is important. When using a repeat design it can sometimes be individually spaced to fit each section of wall. The designs illustrated can be printed or painted to sheet canvas, which when fitted to large areas of wall leave no unsightly joins. A design can be painted over a continuous underlying texture which when worn through provides a beautiful background for an opulent room scheme.